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When I was younger.

The gold rush was celebrated in the city of Edmonton, Alberta , with Klondike Days (recently renamed back to K-Days), an annual summer fair with a Klondike gold rush theme.

Although far away from Dawson City and the Klondike River, Edmonton became known as a "Gateway to the North" for gold prospectors en route to Canada's North.

It was in the city that many would collect the necessary goods for trekking up north in search of wealth.

For many years, Klondike Days was a fun summer exhibition with themed events such as the Sunday Promenade, the Sourdough raft race, free pancake breakfasts, saloons, gold panning and era costume parties.


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Electrolytic Capacitor kit for Cobra 2000GTL
Electrolytic Capacitor kit for Cobra 142GTL
Electrolytic Capacitor kit for Uniden Madison 
Electrolytic Capacitor kit for Realistic TRC-457/458
CB Radio Receive Upgrade Kit - *** Enhanced *** Schottky Diodes
Electrolytic capacitor kit for Uniden President HR2510
Electrolytic capacitor kit for Icom IC-735
Electrolytic capacitor kit for Kenwood TS-450S, TS-690S
Electrolytic capacitor kit for Kenwood TS-940S



Realistic TRC 457 restoration, PART4

ICOM 756, cooling fan add-on

Cobra 2000 restoration project, part 1

Turner "Golden Eagle" aka Super Side Kick

Cobra 2000, add in a cooling fan?

Tower installation Part1

MIDLAND 78-999 CB restoration project, part1

Uniden Madison CB restoration project, part1

Cobra 2000 GTL SSB audio problem, part1




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